Akira Komatsuzawa is the president of Ouran Academy's Newspaper Club and its Editor-in-Chief.  He is a true egoist whose lack of leadership and ethics have turned the school paper into a low-class gossip rag. 

Plot Involvement

The Newspaper Club must boost circulation or be disbanded unless its Editor-in-Chief and President, Akira Komatsuzawa, can get the members of the Host Club to give him an exclusive. When an errant kamari ball kicked by Tamaki Suoh hits Akira in the head, the blond agrees to an exclusive peek into the lives of the hosts despite the objections of every other Host Club member who believe that the Newspaper Club has a hidden agenda.

Staff reporters, Chikage Ukyo and Tomochika Sakyo, are nervous about maligning the powerful Host Club, but Akira is determined.  With the entire Host Club in tow, Tamaki apologizes.  Playing upon the blond's vanity, Akira flatters, wheedles and cajoles Tamaki into granting permission to write an article about the popular club and its charming hosts.  Tamaki immediately agrees, but the other hosts refuse, at which point Akira claims to have ecscrutiating head pain and quasi-faints three times, groaning that their club is doomed.  Tamaki's natural sympathy is stirred and he declares that the hosts will help save their "family," to which the hosts respond by heading out the door. 

Back in Music Room #3, the hosts finally agree under terms set out by Kyoya who visits the Newspaper Club and outlines them there, as well.  He also gives them a first-aid kit as a token of good will, prompting Akira to curry favor with the brunet, who remains unmoved by Akira's tale of family woe.  After Kyoya leaves, the reporters are still nervous about confronting the Host Club but Akira threatens them and their families' livelihoods if they don't help him bring down Tamaki, who he believes is using his parent's authority to control the other members.

Akira and staff spend an afternoon watching the hosts play childrens' lawn games, which results in the editor getting hit in the head by a can. Fed up, Akira states that he's going to write a nasty, fictitious story about Tamaki whether it's true or not; however, upon entering their club room, they're greeted by the hosts (minus Tamaki and Haruhi) who caution Akira not to malign Tamaki because they sincerely like him, and not because he controls them.  Akira vows revenge on them all, to which Kyoya says go ahead, then pops a disc out of the bottom of the first-aid kit that's been recording the editor's nasty plans since the day before. Kyoya explains that while the Hitachiin and Ootori families could easily destroy the Komatsuzawa family, they would never do so because their families are fundamentally different.

Akira relents and agrees that doing the right thing might not be such a bad idea.