Donald was Tamaki's private tutor in France. He is a large, boisterous man with a flirtatious personality.


Donald is a tall man with broad shoulders and a wide face. His older brother, Jacques, is similarly built and dwarfs the women in his family. He wears glasses and dresses formally.


He is cheerful and works well with children. He believes in treating every woman as a delicate creature and flirts with the Grantaines' maid, Claudine. His flirtatious personality bears resemblance to Tamaki's.


Tamaki Suoh

While Tamaki lived in France, Donald tutored him from childhood until he left to Japan at the age of fourteen. Donald cares much for Tamaki and the Grantaine family and is distraught to see the boy leave under such circumstances. He taught Tamaki that as a gentleman, it is important to be academic and treat women with flourish, which Tamaki obviously took to heart. As a child, Tamaki loved to hear about Donald's large, happy familiy.