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May 29, 2013
  • I am trying to Improve my Rune Factory wiki!
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  • It's been awhile, huh?  Hope you're doing well.  New icon, too, I see.  My email today is a bit more formal than usual.  I've been an active editor on this wiki for over a year and an admin for the last six months.  In that time, we've grown in numbers, added new information on a regular basis and thwarted a few would-be vandals.  All things considered, I'd like to be considered for bureaucrat status.  If you need to ask the community about it, that's fine.  Just feels like it's the next step, but my opinion isn't important; yours is.  I'll respect your choice either way, but it would mean a lot to me. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.  Angelle aka Luxartisan (talk)

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  • I know the thread goes back a ways, but Nicole made up some new wallpapers.  What do you think?  The Links are available In the Salon.  I like the two Host Club group ones but you have the final say.  Angelle aka Luxartisan (talk)

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  • How's it going?  I notice you visit every day, being the good mom that you are.  I want to run something by you.  What do you think of altering the Main Page to include only the images of the Hosts (and maybe Renge as manager), thus reducing the number of image boxes to 8 instead of 10?  Considering the way the wikia has expanded, I'm thinking the Hosts are the draw and with less boxes, they could be a bit larger?  I know how to do it, but wanted to ask you first.

    Let me know.


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  • getting assistance from CC's Admin Mentoring Program?  I'd like to keep learning (and why is this font so darn big?)  Carryover of code from the email, I guess, which is to say I'm not shouting at you. ;D  TableWhiz will be helping out with some of the things I'm hoping to do.  Anyway...take a look at part of the message I sent to them and let me know if you're cool with it.

    • What does your wiki need assistance with? Wikia Cleanup -- 1. Organizing, indexing and displaying categories & subcats in a clean, efficient manner that makes sense (it was worse, has improved, but could be even better);  2. Creating a welcome message of my own (Mai is Me has just put my name on her welcome letter but I want to know how it gets created); 3.Creating, editing and using Infoboxes, Tabs and Tables.  Those are just a few specifics.
    • What would you like to learn from AMP? All of the above plus the ability to turn to a support system if/when other questions arise.  Mai is Me is typically "hands off" although she checks in on a regular basis (which is why she made me an admin in the first place). My knowledge of CSS is growing, but it's a slow go. I'm dedicated to the wikia and and am ready to learn new things.
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  • Been wanting to set this and just never have time!  Can you point out the "classroom?"  Or just add my name to yours, if that's ok with you.  Let me know.  I feel so rude not acknowledging new members!  Angelle

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  • Mai -- left the message below but haven't heard from you so I'm going to post the announcement on the News and Announcement forum page.  If you object, I'll remove it.


    Original message: Hello Mai and hope you're doing well on this clear, cold January evening (for me, anyway).  My question is this:  As an Ouran fanfic writer, would you object to my posting an announcement when a new chapter of my multi-chapter fic is posted?  The fic itself is not here, but on another website.  I thought either Fun and Games forum or News and Announcements forum, since one is for off-topic (which doesn't really seem to apply) and the other is and announcements.

    By the way, the fanon wiki doesn't seem very active and they do not accept M-rated fics.  That counts me out since I don't read or write crass, smutty stories, but do address mature themes that occasionally venture into heated territory.  

    I will, of course, abide by your decision.

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  • Hi!

    Is it okay to be affiliated with the fanon wiki ? So that users who have their fanfictions / original characters will find it easier to go there. What do you think? I asked an admin of the wiki but I'm still waiting for her reply. 

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  • Learning every day and lovin' it.  Talking about affiliation logos...why not see which wikis our members have as Favorite Wikis and add them, regardless of genre?  I think diversity is great and it would showcase wikis that are important to our members.  Do we need to ask permission of their admins to do so?  I'm sending this missive to Nicole, as well.  Are you cool with it?

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  • hi cute avatar I'm scoot :)

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  • Hi! :)

    If you could refer back to,, an Admin from the Code Geass Wiki asked for Affiliation and you accepted the offer. They added the Ouran HSHC wordmark into their wiki. That means this wiki is affiliated with theirs so, I added their wordmark to the affiliation template that you made. I hope you don't mind :D

    I'd also like to help to help out on promoting this wiki by asking on affiliating with other wikis. I could try contacting other Wikis, but I would like to have your permission first. :)

    If you agree, is there any specific genre/s on anime wikis that you would like to affiliate with?  ^_^

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