The Ouran franchise has been popularized in manga, anime, dorama, eiga and visual novel formats.  Beyond that, dozens (if not hundreds) of websites have been spawned in its wake. Most have moved on to reporting on newer franchises, but Ouran remains a classic and still resonates with audiences of all ages, well over ten years after its premiere in 2002.  

Want to visit some sites that have kept Ouran alive in the minds of fans?  Then check out some of these:

Wikipedia, of course.

Manga Here is where you can READ a translation of the manga.

hulu is where you can WATCH either dubbed or subbed versions of OHSHC.

Good Drama is where you can WATCH the Ouran dorama and eiga, too.

Television Tropes is a fun spot to visit if you're interested in learning about all the tricks of the trade that Ouran employs to tell its story.

Even the Urban Dictionary has an entry for Ouran.

Please support these sites by visiting them!

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