• Don't know why this started showing up beneath images, but it is.  Been trying to get rid of it for a few days now.  Asked CC and their instructions are a bit cryptic.  Is there a simple way to deactivate it?  If so and you have know-how, please deactivate.  Otherwise, I'll figure it out but it will drive me batty in the process.  I know there's a CSS page that seems to say "No attributions on photos" yet it's there.  Thank you! Angelle aka Luxartisan (talk)

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    • I've had the same trouble with the Skip Beat! Wiki too, it seems like they've updated the thumbs so the current code that Mai is Me added on the MediaWiki:Wikia.css doesn't work anymore.

      To remove this, go to MediaWiki:Wikia.css, then, Replace this:

      /* === Hide "Image added by" on articles === */
      .WikiaArticle .picture-attribution {display:none;}
      .attribution { display: none; }

      With this code:

      /* === Hide "Image added by" on articles === */
      .WikiaArticle .article-thumb .attribution, .WikiaArticle .article-thumb .sprite {
          display: none;

      And that will do the trick, if you find any troubles please tell me :)

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    • I'll give that a try.  Thanks. 

      By the way, I noticed yesterday that when I entered Chat, there was an option for "private chat."  Could you please be sure to remove whatever code allows that?  I promised this wiki that all chat would be public and accessible to prevent any idea that cliques were allowed or fostered.  Even under the most innocent of circumstances, that's what private chat implies and I trust you as Chat Mod to abide by that.  Fair?  Thanks.  Angelle aka Luxartisan (talk)

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    • There's always a 'private chat' option on every chat. I'm almost certain that there's a .CSS code that removes that but I do not know what it is. I will contact the CC about it. I will follow those guidelines and thank you for trusting me :)

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    • When I had a chance, I did my homework and learned that at CC.  I even wrote to them asking them why, based on the same criteria that I shared with you.  Seems like it should be a toggle ON/OFF feature.  If you care to mention that, I'd appreciate it.  Some wikis, being humongous, may need it just to keep the conversations understandable or to create discussion groups.  I get that, too; just not for us, not yet.  And I noticed the attributions are gone.  Did you fix that or did I?  -- shrug--  Thanks, if you did.  Take Care.

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    • I didn't apply any coding since I'm restricted to edit any MediaWiki pages, so I guess the code you applied to MediaWiki:Wikia.css worked :)

      I contacted the Wikia Staff regarding the Private Message. Here is what I got as a reply:

      Brandon Rhea, May 16 02:29 PM:

      Hi Queennicolee,

      Thanks for contacting Wikia. I'm afraid that there is no way to remove the private message function. We don't have an option for that on our end, and removing it via local coding would be a Terms of Use violation as it would interfere with the functionality of a feature.

      Is there a reason that the admin wants private messages removed? I would be happy to give his feedback to our product team. Thanks!

      Best regards,

      Brandon Rhea Senior Community Manager

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