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The first volume of Ouran High School Host Club Manga Series.


Chapter Number Synopsis Chapter Cover
01 Haruhi Fujioka stumbles onto the Host Club and breaks a priceless vase. Now she has to work as a Host (disguised as a boy) to pay off her debt to the club.
Chapter 1 manga
02 Kanako Kasugazaki , a Host-hopper, is having problems with her fiancé, Toru Suzushima, and the Host Club helps them reconcile their issues. Haruhi receives her first kiss.
Chapter 2 manga
03 Renge Houshakuji, a new transfer student at Ouran, claims that she’s Kyouya’s fiancée and the Host Club must deal with their new female manager, a die-hard otaku.
Chapter 3 manga
03.5 Tamaki and the twins accidentally spill a cup of tea onto Hunny's beloved stuffed rabbit, Usa-chan! How will he react when he wakes up?
Honeys usa chan - manga

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