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  The fifth volume of the Ouran High School Host Club series.




Haruhi gets Ayame Jounouchi to tutor her when she fails her to achieve "Top of the Class" in her exams. But when the Host Club hears of Ayame's conflicted feelings for Tamaki, what will they do to help?

Ouran Vol05 ch01 003



During summer break, Haruhi gets a job at a pension owned and operated by Misuzu, an old friend of Ryouji. After the Host Club's surprising entrance, the "Refreshing Competition" begins!

Chapter 18



Jealousy blooms in Hikaru's heart when he witnesses a reunion between Haruhi and her middle school friend, Arai! As a fight breaks out, Kaoru tries to help patch things up... with a date?

Ch 19



As Kaoru's plan continues, Hikaru and Haruhi end up in an argument. After leaving Haruhi in the rain, will Hikaru push his problems aside to go find her?

Ch 20



Meet Kirimi, the little sister of Nekozawa. When Kirimi mistakes Tamaki for her so-called "princely older brother," the Host Club tries to help Nekozawa live up his sister's expectations.

Chapter 21

Chapter 21.5

Takashi's Secret: What's Mori-senpai's personality like when he's sleepy? The Host Club finds out!

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