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Yuuichi Ootori
Name Kanji 雄一大鳥 Ootori Yuuichi
Gender Male
Ethnicity Asian
Nationality Japanese
Personal Status
Relatives Yoshio Ootori (Father)
Mrs. Ootori (Mother)
Akito Ootori (Brother)
Fuyumi Ootori-Shido (Sister)
Kyoya Ootori (Brother)
Mr. Shido (Brother-in-Law)
First appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 77
Anime Debut Episode 24
Voice Actor Masashi Goda

Yuuichi Ootori is the first-born son of the Ootori family and Kyoya's eldest brother.  As such, he's destined to become the next family patriarch upon Yoshio Ootori's passing.  Yuuichi has already graduated from Medical School and works at the same hospital as his father.  He is, as defined by Kyoya in the anime, the natural heir of The Ootori Group. He is married, but has dinner at the main mansion once a week to discuss business with Yoshio. In the anime, he's only seen in flashbacks when there's a close up of a photograph depicting the  Ootori family men in Attack of the Lady Manager!  In the manga, he appears only once.

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